Family Units

  • St. Peter Unit
  • St. Jacob Unit
  • Nitya Sahaya Matha Unit
  • St. Thomas Unit
  • St. John Unit
  • St.Paul Unit
  • St. Philip Unit
  • St. Mathew Unit
  • St. Jude Unit
  • St. Andrew Unit
  • St. Joseph Unit

Family Units Blocks

  • South
  • Central
  • North Blocks

Youth Forums

  • Rosa Mystica Youth Forum
  • Santa Maria Youth Forum
  • San Jose Youth Forum
  • San Juan Youth Forum

Vincent De Paul Society

VOBIS Edu Trust (Parish)

Anti-Alcohol Abuse Committee

Navadarsan Edu Trust (Diocese)

Kazhcha Eye Donation Committee

St. Sebastian’s Marana Avasya Sahaya Fund

Legion of Mary



Altar Boys

Angel Girls

Choir Group

Thirubala Sakhyam

Catechism Unit

Mr. Joseph Clement Thekkumpurath, the headmaster of the parish catechism unit, leads 22 catechism teachers in cooperation with 12 PTA executives. From a total of 16 divisions, 335 children are currently attending catechism classes in the parish.

Church Sexton (Kapiyar)

The first church sexton of the parish was Mr. Matthappan. The current sexton is Mr. Joy Marslin Konnullil.

For over 30 years, Mrs. Barbra Devassy Azhikkakath has devoted selfless and dedicated efforts to maintain the church yard and to keep it as clean and beautiful as it is today.

The Sisters of the Parish

  • Sr. Joselet, CTC Carmel Bhavan Convent - Palliparambil House
  • Sr. Kiran, Holy Cross - Kunnullil House
  • Sr. Deepa Rose, Italian Congregation - Anjiparambil House
  • Sr. Mary Milain, CTC - Konnullil House
  • Sr. Joan Maria, CSST - Perumbilly House
  • Sr. Mildred, CTC - Anjiparambil House
  • Sr. Cecelia, CTC - Anjiparambil House
  • Sr. Reena Teresian, Italian Congregation - Kannothparambil House

Seminarian Students

  • Br. Welfen Xavier Anjiparambil
  • Br. Edison Joseph Villanasser